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The Sharks of Hilton Head Island

August 14th 2013

Just in time for the conclusion of Shark Week, we thought we’d fill you in on these feisty fish in and around Hilton Head Island. We certainly have our fair share of sharks and a range of species that call our waters home.

We offer shark fishing charters if you dare to try to catch any yourself, and in fact, our charters are family friendly! Call 843-301-4634 to book your shark adventure on Hilton Head.

Now, here’s a guide to the sharks of Hilton Head Island that you just might catch on your fishing excursion:

Blacktip Shark

Blacktip sharks, named for their black-tipped fins, average around 270 pounds and are rarely dangerous to humans unless provoked. They’re known for making big jumps when hooked. They are found inshore and offshore and prefer clear water.

Tiger Shark

These sharks like to go it alone and are nomadic, traveling up to 50 miles in a day. They are named “tiger,” because of their dark brown and black spots and stripes along their body. These can weigh up to 1800 pounds and can be dangerous to humans. These fight hard when caught.

Scalloped Hammerhead

Not only does this shark have a head in the shape of a hammer; it’s scalloped, too! These average 100-200 pounds and eat squid, fish, turtles and smaller sharks. They are known to be one of the hardest fighters, so if you reel one in, consider yourself lucky or strong – or both!

Shortfin Mako

Usually found in open waters, shortfin makos can live in waters as cool as 41 degrees. They are long and slender with a pointed snout. They average 300 pounds but can weigh up to 1200 pounds. Shortfin makos are known to be fast-swimming and for leaping and aerial gymnastics when hooked.

Atlantic Sharpnose

These small sharks are typically in shallow water less than 30 feet deep and can be found in bays, harbors, sounds, river mouths and estuaries. These weigh only about 10-12 pounds, and you can identify them by their white spots on their sides.

Check shark fishing off your bucket list and catch one with us! Visit for more information.

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