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Get Healthy with our New Electric Bike Rentals!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

As you probably already know, cycling can improve your cardiorespiratory fitness and boost your psychological health. And some boost to our psychological health is what everyone needs right now, right?

But can electric bikes help you achieve the same health benefits as a conventional bike? The answer is YES. Electric bikes might not be as effective as regular bikes, but they are more effective in boosting your health when compared to walking.

That being said, here are 6 health benefits of riding an electric bike:

  1. It's a low-impact sport making it healthy for your joints and muscles. Everyone needs low-impact, low-intensity exercises. Whether you are transitioning from high-impact work outs or just getting started riding an e-bike can help ease you in or out of the exercise world.

  2. It boosts sleep. Riding an e-bike and exploring Hilton Head Island's natural beauty helps reduce stress and helps you feel better. As a result you are able to sleep better. Bikers are less likely to wake up during the night compared to people who walk.

  3. It's a great form of cardio exercise. Although our bikes are peddle-assisted you are still cycling and engaging your whole body which means its great for cardiovascular health.

  4. It encourages more cycling. Riding a bike can be a lot of fun, but it also can be tiring. But with an e-bike you are peddle-assisted so you are likely to push your limits and go farther without getting tired.

  5. It gives you confidence! Would you love to exercise but aren't too confident about your abilities? Maybe you're intimidated by experienced bikers. Maybe you just need a little push, an e-bike with a little confidence-assist to get ready for the real biking world.

  6. E-bikes represent the future. Electric bikes are known as clean energy. They preserve the environment! So what better way to give back to the beautiful world in which we bike.

Riding a bike is healthy in whichever way you look at it. Hilton Head Outfitters, on the lovely Hilton Head Island, is the perfect place to try out an electric bike. Learn more or rent online here. View Hilton Head Bike Trails and Maps here.

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