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Quiz: Which Hilton Head Outfitters Activity Should You Try?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Now that the weather is warming up, spring is here, and summer is around the corner, we’re itching to get outdoors and enjoy all that Hilton Head has to offer this time of year. There are so many incredible ways to experience the beauty and nature at Palmetto Dunes, that it can be hard to choose one! Luckily, we’ve put together this quick quiz so you’ll know which outdoor activity to try at Hilton Head Outfitters on your next visit. Let’s get started!

First things first: Where would you prefer your activity to take place? A) I prefer to stay on dry land. B) I’d like to hit the water. C) So long as I’m on a boat! D) Take me to the beach!

What kind of outdoor adventurer do you identify with? A) Lewis and Clark, the famous explorers who led expeditions throughout America in the 1800s, producing some of the region’s first maps and cataloging more than 200 new plants and animals. B) Henry David Thoreau, the author, poet, and naturalist whose love of nature influenced impacted everything he did. C) Thomas M. Gifford, the captain, angling expert, and inventor who knew the Caribbean waters by Saint Maarten like the back of his hand and set out on fishing expeditions with the likes of Ernest Hemingway. D) James Cook, the famous explorer who sailed the world’s oceans and was the first European to discover Hawaii.

What’s your workout style? A) See you at spin class! B) Solo and self-lead at the gym. C) For you, workouts are more mental than physical. You’ll choose a yoga class or a long walk, so long as it clears your mind. D) From barre classes, to Zumba, to the hottest gym craze, you’re always up to try something new.

What’s your favorite season? A) Winter B) Fall C) Spring D) Summer

Pick a Disney Movie: A) Toy Story B) Fox and the Hound C) Finding Nemo D) Moana

Which Palmetto Dunes food item are you craving? A) Fried Chicken and fixin’s at The General Store B) Half Rack of Ribs at Big Jim’s C) The Daily ‘Fresh, Local Catch’ at Alexander’s Restaurant D) Fish Tacos from The Dunes House

Once you’re finished at Hilton Head Outfitters, which other activity are you looking forward to? A) Tennis B) Golf C) Dolphin Tour D) CraigCats

Finish the sentence: Vacations are for… A) Exploring B) Spending time together C) Relaxing D) Trying new things

If you answered mostly As: Biking

Bikers on Hilton Head Island Bike Path

From scenic coastal roads to idyllic tree-lined paths, there’s no better way to get around Hilton Head Island than by bike! You like to stay active and on the go, and a bike rental from Hilton Head Outfitters is just the thing to help you get out there and explore.

If you answered mostly Bs: Lagoon

Kayaking in Palmetto Dunes Lagoon

You’re a free spirit who loves nature and navigating without a map. Hop in a canoe or kayak at Hilton Head Outfitters and spend the afternoon paddling your way along our lagoon and soaking in all of the wildlife and wonderful views.

If you answered mostly Cs: Fishing

Fisherman with her catch at Hilton Head

There’s something about a day spent fishing; the patience of waiting for a bite, the thrill when you get one, and the memories made. You’re just looking to spend some time on the water, soaking up the sun and living Lowcountry life to the fullest. Our fishing charters are perfect for you!

If you answered mostly Ds: Surfing

Surfer taking lessons at Hilton Head

You’re fun-loving, up for anything, and the beach is your favorite place to be. No wonder the idea of learning to surf is so appealing to you! We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re riding the waves like a pro by the time your vacation is over.


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