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Surf Lessons

Catching waves on the Hilton Head surf can be easy and enjoyable for all ages with the guidance of Hilton Head Outfitters’ experienced surfing instructors! Our surf lessons emphasize ocean safety and teach the basic fundamentals of surfing while creating a fun experience for the whole family with memories that will last a lifetime! Join in on a group lesson or sign up for a private lesson for more personalized instruction.

Lessons are taught twice a day Monday - Friday on the beach in front of The Dunes House in Palmetto Dunes Resort. Weekend availability varies - please call Hilton Head Outfitters to check schedule. Class times change each day depending on high tide. All lessons run for 90 minutes and require pre-registration. Group lessons can be booked online.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum age for group lessons is 7 years old. Children 5 or 6 years old are welcome but do require private instruction to ensure safety in the water and to have help constantly available for handling the surfboard. Adults of all ages are always welcome!

Individual 2 people 3 people 4 or more (group lesson)
Lesson Price $125/person $115/person $100/person $90/person

Call 866-380-1783 to schedule a private lesson.

Surf Lessons include:

20 Professional, certified surfing instructor with years of experience! 20 Hilton Head's 1-2 foot waves are perfect to learn how to surf on!
20 Choose group surf lessons or customized private lessons.
20 Surfing lessons are 90 minutes long and available 2 times per day, Monday - Friday.
20 Get individual attention and a great experience for kids of ALL ages.
20Book group lessons online or signup at Hilton Head Outfitters & Bike Rentals located in Palmetto Dunes Resort
book group lessons online

Or call 866-380-1783 or visit Hilton Head Outfitters & Bike Rentals across from the Palmetto Dunes General Store.