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Hilton Head Island Electric Bike Rentals

Hilton Head Outfitters & Bike Rentals now offers electric bikes for rent! E-bikes are fun and easy way to get around providing a battery-powered "assist" that comes from pedaling. When you push its pedals a small motor engages and gives you a boost, so you can zip through Hilton Head Island with ease. E-bikes let you hum along at a brisk clip, but they aren’t motorcycles. Our bikes won't propel you faster than approximately 20 miles per hour.

Our electric bikes are smooth, quiet and require no knowledge or training. Range is approximately 30-50 miles on a full battery charge. These bikes offer throttle and pedal-assist modes. 


Electric Bikes for Rent

High quality electric bike with light and durable frames.

Half Day


2 Weeks


24 Hour

3 Day



4 Day

5 Day

6 Day




7 Day


3 Weeks

1 Month



* Prices listed above do not include taxes and fees.