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Frequently Asked Questions & Safety Tips

Here at Hilton Head Outfitters and Bike Rentals we try to make renting a bike or kayak as easy as possible, but if you are new to the process you may have some questions. Here, we have compiled questions that are most asked by our guests and even those that rent from us all the time. Should you have any questions about our Hilton Head Island family activities not answered here, please contact us here.

How does rental process work

How does the rental process work?

We have three options for placing a reservation for bikes and equipment. You may either place the order online, over the phone or in person at the store during opening hours. We will need your name, rental address (i.e. condo name and # or house # and street address) and a cell phone number in case we need to reach you about the bikes. We will also need what type of bikes or equipment and how long you would like them for. The payment will be taken at the time of reservation.

How do deliveries work?

Free delivery (and pick up) is available for bike rentals rented for 3 days or more. The 1st day of your rental is when your bikes will be delivered. 3+ day rentals are usually delivered first while longer rentals 7+ days are delivered last. Bikes will be gauranteed delivery before the end of business on the 1st day of your rental start date.


On a busy day, we have a lot of bikes and equipment to pick up in the morning to turn around and deliver in the same day. Deliveries usually start mid-afternoon on busy days like Saturdays.


You are not required to be present for delivery (or pick up). If you are staying at a house the bikes will be locked up in the driveway. If you are staying at a condo or villa, the bikes will be locked up at the bike rack closest to your unit. If bike racks are not available we will lock them up in front of your unit.


Please remember, your bike lock combination is in your confirmation email.

Are there any delivery restrictions?

We can deliver anywhere on the island from the South end of the island up to Port Royal. Gate fees may apply. Sea Pines Resort is an additional $1.00 charge per bike to deliver.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

We will gladly refund or cancel your order at anytime as long as the equipment has not left the store.

What happens if my bike or other rental item(s) is stolen?

Please keep your bikes locked at all times when you're not using them. There is a $200.00 stolen bike fee, $8 stolen lock fee and $5 stolen basket fee if your bike is stolen and it was unlocked. Please bring beach umbrellas inside after use, don't leave rental items unattended.

Can you ride the bikes on the beach?

Yes. You can as long as you don't ride them in the water.

What is a tandem bike?

A tandem is a bike built for two adults. Both adults will need to pedal.

What is a kiddie cart?

We can attach a kiddie kart to an adult bike that can hold up to 75 pounds. You can use the screened in cart to carry one or two small children. Children must be at least 18 months old to ride in a kiddie cart.

What is a tag-a-long?

A tag-a-long is an attachment that may be put on any adult size bike. It is for a child age 5-8 to ride with an adult. They don’t have to pedal but need to be able to hold on. This is rented separately.

What bike size do I need?

Please review the bike size chart here for sizing details. 16 inch wheel size bikes can come with training wheels.

What are the size limits for the Child Seat?

18 months and older. No more than 40 pounds.

Do we have to wear bike helmets?

No. South Carolina doesn't have a helmet law. We do have helmet's available for adults and children. Helmets are $2.00 per day, $6.00 per week or $12.00 per month. Please specify how many helmets you will need when you make your reservation.

Do baskets come with the bike rentals?

No. Baskets are an additional charge.  They fit on Adult 26", youth 24" beach bikes and adult tandems. Please be sure to specify how many baskets you need when you make your reservation.

How far in advance should I place my order?

You can place your order as far in advance as you please or the day of. During busy periods, two weeks or more in advance is recommended.

What if I break down or have any problems with my rental bike?

If any problems occur with the bike or any equipment, please call immediately, we will gladly fix or exchange ASAP. Our number is listed on the bikes, bike tag and your invoice.

Do we have to be there for the delivery of the bikes?

No. We will gladly deliver and pickup bikes with a rental period of 3 days or more. No one needs to be there for the drop off or pickup. Your bikes will be labeled with your name and can be unlocked with the combination we give you.

How do I know which bikes I rented?

You will be able to identify your bikes by your name and rental address which will be on the bike tag along with our store info. This tag is placed around the neck of the handlebars.

Can I ride my bike into Sea Pines Plantation?

Yes. You are only able to ride bikes in Sea Pines if you are a guest of Sea pines. We can deliver there for 3 days or more. There is a delivery charge of $1 per unit that enters Sea Pines.

Can I ride my bike into any other Plantation?

Yes and No. You can enter or leave any plantation if you are staying in that plantation. If your accommodations are not within that plantation, you will need a guest pass from a home owner or renter in that plantation.

What are the bicycle rules on the island?

Follow the flow of traffic. Cars have the right away in Plantations. Ride on the bike paths - that's what they are for. Do not ride on roads that have bike paths adjacent to them. Stay on the paths and off the roads. Bike paths are marked in many locations on posted maps. You can view a Bike Paths Map on our website. There are also folded maps available at numerous locations around the island.

Do I have to wear a lifejacket with canoeing or kayaking the lagoon?

Yes. We provide lifejackets with our kayak and canoe rentals and they are adjustable to different sizes.

Is there an age limit for kayaking/canoeing?

Yes. Our smallest lifejacket is for a child 35-50 lbs. The minimum age is 5. Children 13 and over can go out by themselves with a parental permission form.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in the lagoon?

A South Carolina salt water fishing license is required to fish in the lagoon system. Fishing licenses are available online at through the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. Fishing in the lagoon is for guests staying at Palmetto Dunes. If you are not staying in Palmetto Dunes, you are able to fish by renting a kayak or canoe from Hilton Head Outfitters during normal business hours.

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