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Biking paths on Hilton Head Island

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There’s no better way to get around Hilton Head Island than by bike. From scenic coastal roads to winding tree-lined streets, Hilton Head bike trails are the easiest and most enjoyable way to get around and see everything the island has to offer.


Start by browsing our selection of bike rentals in Hilton Head Island, SC at the Hilton Head Outfitters. We offer bikes for every member of your family and can get you set up with everything you’ll need from helmets to maps.


Get a feel for your bike on the path along Ocean Lane Drive. Stick to the dedicated bike path, it’s safer and makes for better views. If you want to stop to take a photo, just pull over to the side so other cyclists can pass on the left.

There are access points to the beach all along Ocean Lane Drive. Bikes can be ridden easily on the packed sands, especially at low tide, so take a leisurely ride along the beach and see Hilton Head Island’s best side.


The trick to beach riding is not to try and go too fast–probably best if you’re just starting out, anyway. Take in the atmosphere Hilton Head Island as you wind up the beach to find a good spot for that take-out lunch from Big Jim’s you packed in the bike’s basket.


Hilton Head Island is completely connected by bike paths. Many follow main roads providing cyclists a safe, quick way to get around the island. From the Outfitters by the beach, head on the paths along Queens Folly Road and under the highway to Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina.

This is a great spot for lunch or evening entertainment and it’s only a short bike away. Lock your bike in one of the many bike racks and head off for some shopping, or to ride a jet pack, at the marina.


At Shelter Cove, you’ll find your first pathway kiosk. These are dotted all over Hilton Head Island and are your link to the rest of the trails with maps and other local info. You’ve only just connected to the main Hilton Head bike network.

Now it’s time to experience the lowcountry. Take a proper bike trip north along the William Hilton Parkway, onto Marshlands Drive, then turn right onto Leg O Mutton Road, which takes you up a winding path on a lovely, quiet, wooded ride through the heart of Hilton Head Island’s amazing ecosystem.

From there, bear left and go under the highway and you’ll find the Honey Horn park and the Coastal Discovery Museum, both great ways to get close to the island’s nature. Or bear right and turn at Beach City Road to pass under the live oak canopy and into old Mitchelville.

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