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Surf’s Up: Surfing Facts and Lingo

June 13th 2019

Summer is here and at Hilton Head Outfitters that can only mean one thing—it’s time to break out the surf boards and head to the beach! Our surf camps are one of summer’s most popular activities for a reason. There’s just something about mastering the basics of surfing and paddling out to catch a wave on the beautiful 3-mile beach at Palmetto Dunes that just puts a smile on your face.

Capt. Byron Sewell has over 35 years of surfing experience and has been teaching surfers of all ages for 15 years. He offers 90-minute group classes twice a day, five days a week and is available for private lessons as well, if you’re really looking to master the sport. Lessons are personalized and hands-on, filled with fun, and unforgettable.

Before you head out with Capt. Byron to hang ten, brush up on your surfing lingo with our fun infographic!

Surfing Facts

Surfing has been around longer than you think, and there are some pretty incredible stories and events that have accumulated over the sport’s history. Did you know any of these surfing facts?

The official Guinness World Records title for largest wave surfed (unlimited) belongs to Brazil’s Rodrigo Koxa. On November 8, 2017, he surfed an 80-ft (24.38 m) wave off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal.

Considered the father of modern surfing, Honolulu’s Duke Kahanamoku was also a gold medal-winning Olympic swimmer. He was the first person inducted to both Surfing Hall of Fame and Swimming Hall of Fame.

Abbie Girl holds the world record for distance surfed by a dog in open water: 65.62 yards (60 meters). The Australian Kelpie set the record at Huntington Beach, California in 2011 and is the first dog inducted into the International Surfing Hall of Fame.

Photo Credit: @abbiesurfs

It’s official! Surfing will debut as an Olympic Sport at the Tokyo 2020 games. The competition takes place at Shidashita Beach, 40 miles outside Toyko. Will you be watching?

International Surfing Day is held annually during the third week of June. It celebrates the sport with an environmental focus on protecting the oceans. Celebrate with us on June 20 by renting a surfboard and heading out to ride those waves! Gnarly, dude!

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