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Hilton Head Outfitters Island Adventure Blog

The Hilton Head Outfitters Island Adventure Blog provides tips, stories and memories on kayaking, canoeing, biking, surfing and all the other outdoor adventures Hilton Head Island has to offer.

  • Surfing season on Hilton Head Island is almost here and we’re pumped to get back out on our boards and ride the waves!

  • A few years ago a movie titled “The Big Year,” starring Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson, celebrated a phenomenon little-known outside the birding world called a “big year.”

  • Just in time for the conclusion of Shark Week, we thought we’d fill you in on these feisty fish in and around Hilton Head Island. We certainly have our fair share of sharks and a range of species that call our waters home.

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Grab a bike from Hilton Head Outfitters and make use of the over 50 miles of paved bike paths that surround the resort and Island. To ensure your safety when riding, we’d like to outline our best tips for bike safety when pedaling around Palmetto Dunes!
​It’s been an incredible summer here on Hilton Head Island and we hope you’re out there enjoying it! Everyone knows that at Hilton Head Outfitters we’re all about active adventure, but we know that the best part of being on vacation is the chance to explore and the chance to unwind. If you’re looking to sit back and relax, bike to the beach with one of these books in your basket and whisk yourself away on a literary adventure.
Summer’s blue skies, busy beaches, and hot temperatures are making way for crisp mornings and cozy nights here in the Lowcountry but don’t be fooled! Just because fall is here doesn’t mean the fun stops on Hilton Head! Here are our top five reasons why fall is better on Hilton Head Island.