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Canoe Believe it’s National Canoe Day?

In honor of National Canoe Day, Wednesday, June 26, it’s time to brush up on your canoe lingo!

Canoeing the 11-mile lagoon

These last couple of years we have become quite familiar with the term “take-out”, “take-out” in regards to canoeing, however, doesn’t involve disposable plastic containers. A “take-out” is the place where canoes come out of the water, and typically attach it back to the roof racks on your car.

Canoeing the 11-mile lagoon next to a golf course
Big Jim's ribs

Ribs” and we’re not talking about the delicious ones you can get by visiting Big Jim’s BBQ, Burgers, Pizza & Catering. Ribs are the structural material, often made from wood, that forms the frame of the canoe on the inside. So, while critical to the structure of the canoe, we prefer the ones from Big Jim’s.

Wet exit”, also known as a “spontaneous swim”, occurs when a canoer ends up out of their canoe “planned or unplanned” ending up in the water. We recommend our canoers stick to staying inside of their canoe, and practice their swimming over at the beach.

canoes and kayaks at Hilton Head Outfitters

Outfitting”, the official definition of this term, is all the things you must do to a canoe after you buy it, but before you take it out in the water. However, “outfitting” means something else to us here at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. “Outfitting” to us means taking a visit to Hilton Head Outfitters, and stocking up on all the essential gear, or more importantly booking yourself a canoe to take out on our 11-mile lagoon system.


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