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Learn about wildlife on your next Palmetto Dunes lagoon outdoor adventure at Hilton Head Outfitters

Hilton Head Lagoon Wildilife sign under the Outfitters sign and above blue life vests

Have you ever wondered what wildlife surrounds Palmetto Dunes’ 11-mile lagoon system? An informative story board sign is located on the Hilton Head Outfitters deck, allowing guests to learn about all the wildlife you may see in or around the 11-mile lagoon.

Learn about a few of the 40 species of birds and fish that you may see on your next lagoon rental or what you can catch on your next lagoon fishing trip! A Palmetto Dunes activities resort map is also included for guidance on various routes.

Bird Wildlife sign along the Hilton Head Outfitters exterior

This sign explains some of the birds and fish, including their color, season, weight, and fun facts. The Palmetto Dunes Lagoon has shallow waters, and fun fact: the Great Blue Heron likes standing still or walking very slowly towards these shallow waters. You’re likely to see them among many other species of birds! Take some time to read these informational signs as you’re getting your life jacket on and prepping for a scenic ride ahead.

Fish Species sign along the Hilton Head Outfitters exterior

Hilton Head Outfitters offers a relaxing catch and release inshore fishing charter led by one of our native guides in a quiet, electric skiff. During these charters, guests may catch blue fish, striped bass and speckled sea trout, just to name a few.

Father pointing to a bird on the Wildlife sign showing his daughter
Father and daughter in life vests under the wildlife sign

Head over to Hilton Head Outfitters to book your next kayak, canoe, or catch and release fishing charter and see what amazing wildlife you can discover!

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