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Fall Fishing on Hilton Head Island

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Fall has arrived in Hilton Head Island. The temperatures have cooled, the leaves are turning, the bright autumnal sun casts a golden glow, and the lagoons and waterways are filled with fish. That’s right, fall is one of the best times to go fishing in the Lowcountry, so see what you can reel in on your next outdoor adventure in Hilton Head.

Cooler autumnal waters are packed with mullet and fish in Hilton Head Island —prime bait for redfish, flounder, and trout, making fall fishing season in the Lowcountry. Check out these fish you'll find in the Palmetto Dunes 11-mile lagoon:

Before you head out for your fishing expedition, make sure you’ve got the proper gear. Here at Hilton Head Outfitters, we’re always happy to rent you the fishing equipment you need, but when it comes to planning a fall fishing trip you’re going to also want to make sure you bring:

- Sunscreen and sunglasses and definitely a hat. The sun’s rays may still be harmful, but the wind can be cool and you lose the most heat through your head.

- Water, or even a thermos with hot chocolate or tea to hydrate and stay warm.

- Layers! A sweater and windproof layer are a good place to start.

- Gloves. Two pairs is a smart idea, for when one pair inevitably gets wet during all of the excitement.

- Warm, closed-toe footwear—waterproof if possible.

Now you’re ready to grab some fishing gear and head out! Grab a rod and try your luck on your own or set out with our fishing expert Trent Malphrus who will take you to his favorite spots and show you how to expertly reel in a catch—or two, or three! Whether it’s your first time out on the water or you’re a seasoned pro, fall is the perfect time to cast your line.


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