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Palmetto Dunes Bike Safety Tips

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Hilton Head Island Bike Helmets and Bike Rental

The wind in your hair as you pedal down a bike path is the best way to experience the great outdoors! Grab a bike from Hilton Head Outfitters and make use of the over 50 miles of paved bike paths that surround the resort and Island. With bike rentals available for family members of all ages, it’s easy to take in the breathtaking views that the Island has to offer.

Bike safety is of the utmost importance here at Hilton Head Outfitters. To ensure your safety when riding, we’d like to outline our best tips for bike safety when pedaling around Palmetto Dunes!


We want to make sure you are as safe as you can be while biking around our beautiful, scenic Island. Wearing a helmet helps keep your head and face safe in case of a fall. At Hilton Head Outfitters, you can rent helmets by the day, week, or month, as well as many other bike accessories (to have you looking your coolest when you hit the open road).


Palmetto Dunes has five miles of paved bike paths for you to cruise around on and over 50 more miles of paths that surround the resort and Island. Ready for a stunning sunrise? Bike on over to the beautiful beach at Palmetto Dunes, dig your toes in the sand and watch as the sun rises in the sky. What more could you ask for? Once the sun is up, you can hunt for some unique beach treasures while beachcombing! If sunsets are more your thing, follow our bike paths to Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina where you can end the day on the boardwalk as the sun kisses the water.


Palmetto Dunes is the ideal biking area—motorists are bike-friendly and the traffic is light. However, remember that cars have the right-of-way and yield to them while you’re exploring the beautiful, tree-lined paths. You can also make use of our special passageway for bicyclists and pedestrians that allows safe passage to Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina without having to cross Hwy. 278.


While we all want to be wearing our vacation best, wearing clothing that is bright and visible is recommended while pedaling around the Island. So, pull out your best 80’s attire and bright Hawaiian shirts and get pedaling (or just wear something that stands out)!

Once the sun has set and day turns into night, it’s time to turn on the lights! Hilton Head Outfitters provides many bike accessories, including lights, so you can be seen while you’re biking home.


There is no better way to bike around Palmetto Dunes than with your friends and family. When biking in a group or passing fellow cyclists, it’s important to remember that bike paths should be treated just like driving a car. Ride on the right side of the path and if you need to pass, do a shoulder check and pass on the left. While you’re at it, give a little wave to your fellow biker too (keep one hand on your bike though)!


Hilton Head has so much beauty, we know it’s hard to keep your eyes off of it but be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes on the path! If the view is too breathtaking, be sure to stop and pull over to take it all in and snap a picture while you’re at it. Share your stunning photos with us by using the hashtag #HiltonHeadOutfitters and #PalmettoDunes!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Palmetto Dune's bike safety signs (seen below) that will be posted throughout the community during the summer as well as placed as stickers on all bikes at Hilton Head Outfitters.


Protecting yourself against the sun is important too! While riding a bike you may not feel the heat of the sun on you, so sunscreen is a must! We don’t want lobsters riding our bikes now, do we?

The most important tip of all: have fun! Hilton Head Outfitters provides plenty of fun-filled activities that the whole family can enjoy. Keep these tips in mind when riding your bike this summer at Palmetto Dunes.


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